My Introduction

Hello fellow book lovers &/or writers!

(& random internet goers that may have possibly stumbled upon this? Also maybe future readers of my published works? No?)

I have attempted blogs in the past and I am always very mediocre at actually keeping up with them or filling them with content. But hopefully this will be the start to a new blogging era for me.


That’s me >>

I am a 20 year old aspiring writer and anthropologist. I am currently, at the time this is being written, in the midst of my Junior year of University, slowly making my way into the proper adult world. Which, frankly, I am less than unexcited for.

Anyhow, I have been writing, along with my younger sister (who has remained a huge inspiration to me throughout the years), ever since I can remember. But only the past few years have I really taken writing seriously. Especially starting about a year and a half ago (So somewhere in the middle of 2015), when a new idea started to bloom in the deep recesses of my imagination. I’m still in the long long process of understanding what I even want to do with said idea, but I will say it has come an incredibly long way since the beginning. And while I may or may not discuss the contents of this idea on this blog I do plan to discuss writing as a general interest of mine.

And that brings me to my other general interest:

Reading! Which will be the main focus of this cacophony of fairy tale infused banter I plan to horribly sing to you. Allow me to explain myself. I quite enjoy themes, and for this blog you may have recognized that the name is one that introduces the mind to fanciful fairy tale fluffery and that is precisely the point. Although, I suspect there will be few actual fairy tales discussed within these here webpages, for my interests include; sci-fi/fantasy, coming of age, boat settings, adventure, a good many horrendous tropes (including but not limited to: hate to love relationships), odd character ‘autobiography’ type stories, and magical realism. I do, however, plan to make your visit here feel as though you are visiting somewhere incredibly magical!

More about me:

I’d say I know a bit too much about book, especially in the YA variety, since I spend most of my spare time indulging in booktube videos. Hearing different synopsis over and over..they eventually get pretty stuck in your mind. But, as you might come to learn, I am all around a pretty picky person and that definitely includes my reading tastes. So although I could explain to you the plot of a good many popular YA books…I read very few of them. Also, I very rarely choose to pick up a book I don’t expect to enjoy. I don’t like putting myself in an uncomfortable situation just for the sake of following trends. So…a good many of the books I talk about may be..pretty obscure.

Also, I’m not too much of a fan of fluffy contemporary, although every once in a while I will pick up a Romance mass market paperback (usually set in Ireland, or having to do with Vikings, naturally), and I absolutely dislike any content having to do with drug use. I have a terrible phobia of that sort of stuff.

Anyhow, that is a decently summed up explanation of myself and my reading tastes I’d say! If you have any questions feel free to comment here or find me on any of my social media linked throughout my blog!

Expect things from me soon! Not great things..

Also, soon is a relative term..



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